Safety Knives - Rescue Knives UK

Thank you for visiting this website. We are working on a new site to give you information, facts and pictures of the best dive knives, rescue knives and safety knives on the market. We don't  use the manufacturer's regular stock photo's, all glamoured up and airbrushed. we want to show you what these Rescue Knives look like in the flesh. When you order a knife of us at BHIP Ltd, we want you to receive precisely what the product looked like online.

We have been selling knives and other outdoor survival gear online since 1999. We sell many top brands including Gerber, Whitby, Leatherman, Opinel, Mac, Buck and Tool Logic.

If you are looking to equip your safety boats or rescue vehicles with the appropriate knives, please visit our shop page, then click through to our main sales site for more details

Personalisation - Laser Engraving on these knives

We can laser etch your name, boat name, battalion, rescue club etc on to most knives at a very low cost. If you are interested SPECIFICALLY in Sailing Knives, please visit our other site specialising in the Ibberson and Whitby sailing knife ranges

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